The Discovery Meeting with ChadStone

What is a Discovery Meeting?

At ChadStone, we always start with a Discovery Meeting because it’s important for both parties to completely understand each other before deciding whether to work together going forward.

A Discovery Meeting is a chance for a potential client to come in, tell us everything about their business and most importantly, tell us what their goals are for their business.

Where are they hosted?

Generally, our Discovery Meetings are hosted at The Hangar, our office. But we can also host them at the client’s premises if needed… or a coffee hub, or a pub!

We want people to feel comfortable. So, if that means meeting them at their office, great, if it means going for a drink or similar, we’re happy to do that too.

What is discussed?

The client can expect to find out a bit about us as a team, a bit about us as a firm and our history.

But hopefully a bit more about themselves, without being too guru-like.

We want to talk to clients and fully understand their goals, why they do what they do, where they’ve been before, what their plans are.

And then, if they’ve not had an accountant before, what they can expect from an accountant, or if they’ve had an accountant before, what they can expect to be different with us.

So, the who, the what and the why.

Who are they?

What do they do as a business and what are their goals?

Why do they what they do?

What you should bring to a Discovery Meeting?

You don’t really need to bring anything with you to a Discovery Meeting, just yourself and maybe a few ideas of what you want from your business.

And be prepared to be asked lots about your business…

How much does the Discovery Meeting cost and where can you book?

The Discovery Meeting is completely free of charge and you can book your Discovery Meeting by filling out the simple form here.

Book Your Discovery Meeting!

No obligation and no charge. We may even have a biscuit or two.

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