Listen Up! ‘Paint By Numbers’ has Launched.

Get ahead of the game in business and learn from the accountancy leadership team at ChadStone as we share our business journeys – warts and all – on our new podcast, Paint By Numbers.

The three-man podcast lineup includes Alex, Rob, and Dave, accountancy professionals who have made a name in the Shropshire business community as the modern, no-nonsense accounting team of ChadStone. We’re known for offering you personal and straight-up business advice, minus the fancy suits.  

Our podcast covers the many realities of modern business, from jumping in and just getting started with a new business venture, to the various blunders that can arise along the way. We’ll go through all the little twists and turns we’ve seen, and that many other small and mid-size business owners are likely to face.

Paint By Numbers is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and other popular podcast platforms. You can check out our first few episodes and subscribe today!


A bunch of accountants hosting a podcast? Really?


But we aren’t your average accountants.  

In each episode, ChadStone owners Alex and Rob, along with ChadStone manager Dave, crack a few beers and have a chat. We talk about the many ups and downs we’ve had in business, from landing our best clients to getting duped by overpromising marketing teams.

Paint By Numbers is a refreshing look at business and how you can have a bit of fun while making success happen on your own terms.

The podcast will venture beyond day-to-day business management tactics by diving into the little things that make your business stand out and succeed. Though we are numbers guys, Alex, Rob, and Dave have a wide range of experiences and know the importance of building solid relationships and trust with our team members and our clients.


Who should listen to Paint By Numbers?  

Paint By Numbers is a podcast for the modern UK entrepreneur. 

It’s for the folks who want to succeed in business, but don’t believe in stuffy dress codes or people-pleasing. Oh, and liking beer is a plus.  

Alex, Rob, and Dave are based in the UK, but the podcast is helpful for anyone interested in improving their business skills and hearing about realistic situations many business owners will find themselves in. We’ll share our own successes and failures to give the audience an honest look at what it means to be in business today. 

Episodes are around 30 minutes long, great to put on during a morning commute or for a walk around the block.

Available on all popular podcast platforms. Listen here.

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