Highly rate the services of Chadstone. I have had several accountants in the past and they have been by far the best for making me feel at ease that all is in good hands, with professional advice but a friendly, personal, family-like feel.

Lee Whitfield

Two men went out one evening as accountants and came home as… well, accountants but now with a dream!

Both working for large accountancy firms, Alex Stone and Rob Chadderton knew they had the skills, knowledge and drive to make it on their own. After talking it over with their families, they decided to take the leap and dive in to the business world.
Self-employment started off slowly in an office that had two desks and one telephone. But it quickly filled up. And now ChadStone has a team of 11 awesome people, and a large, diverse and ever-growing client base.

As a result of the growth that we’ve experienced, we’re off to new premises! Still located in Telford but independent and a tad bigger, we’re mega excited to get into our new office. Watch this space for updates.

Many thanks to all the team at ChadStone Accountancy for the excellent service they have provided over the past 4 years. Having run my own business for 15 years, I know how important it is to have trust in a very professional and friendly firm.

Gary Whitby

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