How ‘Company Culture’ Has Helped us Build a Better Business

Many businesses and business owners can often overlook the values of their business and the company culture those values help nurture. And worse still, lots of businesses don’t believe in them.

At ChadStone, it is the opposite of that. We’ve built our business around our culture and strict set of values. We even work with our suppliers on that basis.

Our company culture defines who we are as a business. It is the core behind why we do what we do and how we deliver it and every employee is expected to live up to it.

We’ve built our culture around eight core values:









We want everybody who’s in this with us, every member of our team, to feel like they’re on an adventure. To enjoy what they do, to have fun, to balance that with home life and work life because we feel like that will then enable us to give the best possible service to our clients.

To create this culture, we involve everyone in the decision making. Every member of the team is welcome to offer their ideas on how we can improve things across the company. From systems, to the work environment to the services we offer.

Celebration is a huge part of it. When things go well, the team are rewarded for it. Not just financially, but with days out, team building and more. We work really hard to ensure everyone is involved in every stage of the business.

The benefit to our clients is our culture nurtures a feeling of togetherness (or collaboration). Getting businesses to seamlessly work together (not just with us) for the benefit of all involved. We’ve found suppliers by looking for companies that match up to our values. By sharing the same outlook and having clients and suppliers that understand our ‘fresh perspective’ we’re able to offer so much more.

Want to know more about our culture and how we’ve done it? We even don’t mind sharing some of the mistakes we’ve made along the way. Give us a call on 01952 292729.

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