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Sick of feeling lonely in business? And worst still, when you do succeed, the people around you don’t truly understand.

You need to surround yourself with people on your level. People that have been there, know how it feels and can relate to your situation.

That’s where our Business Book Club comes in… our monthly business Book Club. Open to business owners looking to chat, discuss and debate with like-minded business owners. It’s a safe environment for people to talk about what they’ve read, learn from others’ experience, and get feedback on their own ideas.

For our members it’s like attending a mastermind but without the high price tag – a place where you can be vulnerable without feeling judged or criticised. Somewhere where you can bring your business successes to celebrate, and your failures for everyone else to learn from.

Expect a friendly welcome from our regular readers and plenty of general chat around business. We pride our club on the fact that no question is a silly question and that there will always be someone in the room who has been through it before.

Our club has received incredible feedback from local business owners. Joel Stone, director of Codebreak said, “ChadStone’s Business Book Club is a breath of fresh air. Away from the usual pressures and formalities of formal networking, it feels like once a month I can lean on the experience and advice of other business owners for help. I’ve never come away from a Book Club without having learnt something that I can implement in my business.”

In normal times our Book Club is hosted at a hotel and we provide a free buffet. Everyone gathers at the bar for a drink afterwards too! Unfortunately, we’re not in normal times, so for now, we’re hosting it on Zoom. Many of our attendees still bring a drink, we still have all the chat and debate, and obviously, if time is an issue, Zoom will probably suit you better!

So, join us for the next one. If we’re honest you don’t even have to have read the book. You’ll soon get into the swing of things. We’re always going off on tangents to discuss a specific business example or relate it to the real world.

Click here to book your place. We’ll see you there!

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