ChadStone Celebrates it's 5th Birthday!

The First Days

On the first day that ChadStone opened for business, Rob and I came into our office, plugged in our one phone and built our one flat-pack desk. There were supposed to be two, but one was broken so we ended up sharing. It was a funny, exhilarating, daunting time and we look back with fondness and with slight incredulity on the days when we took two weeks off to go on a group holiday together, and just left the office locked up!

We knew from the start that we had the technical skills to make an accountancy firm work but we also knew that we wanted to make ChadStone more than about facts and figures. We wanted it to be about great relationships and connections as well as great advice.


That’s why we held an event to celebrate our 5th year and to say thank you to some of the people that have been there right from the start or have provided amazing continuing support. The invite included friends, family and colleagues and a lovely afternoon was had by all (we hope).

It really gave us a chance to look back on our last 5 years and be proud of our hard work and success so far.

And that’s not to say we’re perfect and always get it right. We’re still working hard on making sure that we are as efficient as possible so that we can get work out in good time. As we grow and get busier this is even more important and which is why we have implemented a 90-day plan. We want to make sure that every client knows what tax they owe three months before their payment is due. We want to make sure that everyone has plenty of time to get prepared.

What is Next?

We’re also very happy to say that we’re taking on two new apprentices this year, Mollie and Alex who start in August. We think that they are both going to be a brilliant asset to the team, and we can’t wait for them to get stuck in. The addition of two more brilliant minds will mean that we can make sure that we are providing the best service we can.

The move to a new office is still on and actually much needed with our two new additions! We are running out of room in our current office so we’re massively looking forward to being able to move into an independent space that’s all ChadStone’s own. If for nothing else than for the parking! Our lips are sealed as to the location at the moment but watch this space.

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to all of you reading this, to all of your friends and family and to all of our clients. Without you, ChadStone wouldn’t be thriving as it is. We hope that we see you at our 10 year anniversary!

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